Friday, April 06, 2012

Targets of Pope's anger like the criticism

Pfarrerinitiative "gefällt" Papst-Kritik -

Schuller: Papal criticism "very gentle"
The spokesman for the Parish Priest Initiative, Helmut Schüller was "Pleasantly surprised" by the Pope's criticism. His sermon was in part "very gentle". No sanctions had been threatened. The Pope acknowledged that it concerned the future of the Church.

It was assessed as positive that the Pope had spoken of the inertia of institutions. That he did not come towards the reformers on the matter of obedience was also to have been expected said Schüller. The priest is currently networking with initiatives at the international level. he is among others in contact with initiatives from Germany, Slovakia, France, the United States and Ireland according to Schuller - so that the Parish Priest Initiative becomes more active worldwide.

Background to today's Papal blast against disobedience.  Some people simply cannot understand the plainest words.
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