Friday, February 13, 2009

German Bishops' Conference will dialogue with anyone and anything short of devil worshippers but not with the SSPX.

Radio Vatican report- translated from German

The German Bishops' Conference see no further need for a dialogue with the SSPX who are not recognised by the Vatican. The dialogue with the traditionalists was in the first instance a matter for the Vatican, said Bishops’ Conference spokesman, Matthias Kopp on Friday when questioned. Earlier, the German District Superior of the SSPX, Franz Schmidberger, said in an open letter that he wants to enter into a "substantive dialogue" with the bishops. The theme should not be only the decisions of the Second Vatican Council, but also the religious developments in the years thereafter. Kopp, said that "open letters - such as those from Mr Schmidberger (Cathcon- this Kopp guy reduces Fr Schmidberger to a layman- grossly discourteous) - would generally not be answered by us." The debate over the SSPX however will certainly be an issue in the spring session of the German Bishops' Conference in Hamburg.
The SSPX suggested meeting with one or two serious theologians.  Perhaps no-one serious enough could be found as it is carnival time or perhaps they could not find any theologians.
Either way, another case of double standards that have been adopted by critics of the Pope. 
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