Friday, January 23, 2009

German state prosecutor investigating Bishop Williamson

Vatican radio report- Cathcon translation of original report

The prosecutor in Regensburg is investigating a priest of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X because of allegations of race hatred. The Deputy Director of the office, Edgar Zach confirmed on Friday a report on Bavarian Radio. The British traditionalist, Bishop Richard Williamson, in an interview with the Swedish television channel SVT, denied that the Nazis had murdered six million Jews.

Williamson is one of four traditionalist bishops whose excommunication Pope Benedict XVI, according to Italian press reports, allegedly wants to revoke.

"I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews died in Nazi concentration camps died, but none of them in gas chambers,"

Williamson said in the interview which can be seen on the website of the channel. It was not about emotion, but historical evidence, said the traditionalist bishop. This evidence supports the idea that concentration camps like Auschwitz were not for the gassing of human beings as the chimneys were too short and the doors could not be tightly sealed enough.

Williamson relied on the well-known Holocaust denier Fred Leuchter. The denial of the Holocaust has been since 1994 a separate criminal offense in Germany and can be punished with up to five years in prison.

The television interview was recorded in Bavaria in the Seminary of the Society of St. Pius X at Zaitzkofen to the south of Regensburg. Thus, the public prosecutor responsible is the one in Regensburg. The almost six minute long interview was recorded in English. On the recording in Germany, Williamson at the end of the interview, admits that his remarks were punishable in Germany. The reporter could ensure that he will go to prison, "before I leave Germany."


J Meng said...

I am somewhat mystified that Bishop Williamson's statement, wherein he denied that the Nazis had murdered six million Jews, is viewed by the Regensburg investigating prosecutor as a matter of race hatred. If anything, the bishop's statement is just that, a denial. What in his statement, directly or indirectly, signifies race hatred? Can someone, anyone, show me the logic of the prosecutor's conclusion?

Daniel said...

I don't think that Bishop Williamson's comments on this subject were necessary nor wise, keeping in mind the primary mission of the SSPX. It would have been more prudent to stick to religious matters rather than to delve into secular controversies that has the potential to allow enemies to create diversionary issues from the main mission of the SSPX.

Alice C. Linsley said...

I bishop lies or he is deceived. Not a man to be followed.

Dolorosa said...

It is not Bishop Williamson but the enemies of Christ who are deceiving people and making it a crime to even give an opinion on the Holocaust. When an expert on gas chambers doesn't agree with the party line and has his career ruined then certainly no one can speak the truth without being persecuted for it.