Friday, January 23, 2009

Bishop Williamson and lifting of SSPX Excommunications- round up

Anglican Wanderings discusses the early life of the Bishop

and Contextual Criticism- from a liberal, secular, humanistic perspective.

Unlike the Polish Herald of the Holy Empire.

or the Holy Church Militant- (in Spanish) the Pope has signed and also definitely unlike, The St Benedict Center who affirm there is no salvation outside the Church.

Fisheaters- extensive discussion, likewise at Le Forum Catholique

Whispers in the Loggia

Father Ray Blake - Bishop Williamson was evicted from the Oratory

The Times- Articles of Faith goes into implications.

Creative Minority Report- desperate Bishop Williamson did this deliberately.

Angelqueen- great discussion

And the ever excellent Holy Smoke

Associated Press- sort of confirms the rumour- but strictly no comment from the Vatican

On-line article from Ruth Gledhill of The Times

Ignis Ardens- discussion about response of the SSPX response in the UK, inter-alia.

Under discussion in the Czech Republic and by Sandro Magister in Rome.

Bishop Williamson is under discussion on a white supremacist site and a blog which proclaims "God is a segregationist". Neither will be linked to here.

Bishop Williamson in his bunker- a left-wing newspaper.

Please keep checking back here- will add new articles as they arrive.

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