Homosexual blessing becomes pseudo-wedding in Spain

Add and continue. Fiducia supplicans continues to wreak havoc as it is being interpreted to suit the consumer.

Confusion and chaos is what the Fiducia Supplians Declaration of Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández is causing throughout the Catholic world. Although the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith was at pains to emphasize that it had to be a brief blessing of 10-15 seconds and without liturgical vestments so as not to lead to confusion, the truth is that the only thing that has reached the people The fact is that the Vatican authorized homosexual blessings with the approval of Pope Francis.

After the famous 'gay wedding' in a hermitage in Madrid or the one we told you about last week in a desecrated church in Talavera, now comes a new wedding-blessing inside a church in Spain.

The events occurred in the parish of Nuestra Señora de Belén in the town of Miajadas (diocese of Plasencia). According to what one of the men who contracted a civil 'marriage' has published on their social networks, they said "I do after 30 years of relationship."

"We have been very lucky to be able to do it in the church, to be the first gay couple of many that will come later. A Church that takes small steps, but it does. THANK YOU infinitely Enrique for suggesting that we do the blessing within the parish and in our church in Belén, something that we did not hesitate for a minute to say yes to. "It was a beautiful ceremony," says one of the protagonists, suggesting that the initiative came from the parish priest Enrique Gómez Rodríguez.

In the photographs published by one of the two protagonists, they are seen inside the church with a candle each and the priest Enrique Gómez Rodríguez behind the altar covered with the alb and the stole.

Priest known for unorthodox positions

The priest complicit in this gay blessing inside a church, disobeying the instructions given by Cardinal Fernández on how to give these blessings, is known in the diocese for being a progressive and heterodox priest in the purest German style.

In an interview with a local media in August 2022, the priest boasts of having been fined in 1974 for public disorder. Enrique Gómez Rodríguez has always been at the forefront of opinions contrary to Catholic doctrine. In that same interview, a year and a half before Fiducia supplicans, he said that if animals and even banks are blessed, "why not a gay or lesbian couple? "There are gay Christian groups that belong to Church groups and they are asking for it." But he does not end there, because he continues talking about women's access to certain ministries of the Church: "why can't women access the priesthood?" Or for her to be a deaconess?

This priest is part of the Presbyterial Council of the diocese of Plasencia by direct appointment of its Bishop Ernesto Brotóns.