Vatican showcases art at Venice Biennale but does not mention Jesus. Pope visiting tomorrow.


The Pope will be visiting tomorrow. One of the artists being venerated there is the Communist-supporting ex-nun Corita Kent, a personification of the evil done after the Second Vatican Council. Ghastly art and she left a trail of ecclesiastical destruction behind her.  Evidence that a chief characteristic of a modernist is lack of aesthetic sense.   The latter is vital as the three transcendentals that unfailingly point us beyond this world are beauty, truth and goodness.  A video giving the history of how they destroyed their own vineyard. "If the sisters don't pray together, why should the family pray together?" The people cry out for Catholicism and you give them modernist abstractions.

They make the Dome of the Home look like complete conservatives.   In a way, they are golden age conservatives, both desperately trying to give life to the Spirit of 68 before it expires forever. 

"Those were the days my friends I thought they would never end, we would dance forever and a day"

The Vatican participation is emblematic of the openess to the world recommended by Vatican II. But what happens when the world has become this decadent and corrupt.