Priest denies Virgin Birth. Catholic? Evangelical? Anglican? – “God laughs at it”


Father Meurer: Biological Virgin Birth is “nonsense” for me

Father Meurer is known as Cologne's own Pope Francis

The well-known social activist priest, Father Franz Meurer from Cologne also takes a critical view of religion. He makes this clear in an answer to Franz Müntefering. He asked in an interview whether he was still welcome in the Catholic Church.

The Cologne social social activist priest, Franz Meurer considers religion to be the most dangerous thing in the world. “You just have to watch the news and you will know what religion is capable of,” Meurer told the journalistic digital publisher “Kivvon” on Wednesday. But faith must also make you happy and free and is always a gift.

Meurer also responded to former SPD chairman Franz Müntefering's question as to whether he was still welcome in the church if he didn't believe in many things. “What he says is the most normal of the normal,” said Meurer. "Everyone believes something, no one believes in everything." For him, the biological virgin birth is “nonsense”.

Catholic? Evangelical? Anglican? – “God laughs at it”

Addressing Müntefering, Meurer said that he was a "very good person, a real old-school social democrat" and as such he was welcome in the church. With his commitment to hospices, Müntefering deals with the question of death. This is one of the important contents of religion. Müntefering would still be a Christian even after leaving. “Whether it’s the Catholic, Protestant or Anglican Church – God laughs at it,” said Meurer.

Franz Meurer is a pastor in two poverty-stricken districts of Cologne. He has been campaigning for the poor and unemployed there and nationwide for decades.

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