Spanish priests launch a campaign to collect signatures asking the Pope to annul Fiducia supplicans

The global reaction of episcopal conferences, cardinals, bishops, priests and lay people against the Doctrine of the Faith document, drafted by Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández and signed by Pope Francis, enjoys an enormous magnitude, almost never seen up until now within Church.

After hundreds of public statements against the Fiducia supplicans declaration, a group of Spanish priests has gone one step further and launched a campaign to collect signatures through the platform to ask Pope Francis to suspend this document.

The promoters of this campaign to collect signatures are Father José Manuel Alonso Ampuero, Diocesan Priest of Toledo, fidei donum in Lurin (Peru); Father Julio Alonso Ampuero, Diocesan Priest of Toledo, fidei donum in Lurin (Peru); Father José María Cabrero Abascal, Diocesan Priest of Toledo (Spain); and Father Antonio Diufaín Mora, Priest of the Diocese of Cádiz and Ceuta (Spain).

Those responsible for this initiative highlight that with this act, they seek to adhere "to the revealed truth, collected in the Bible and Tradition and interpreted by the secular Magisterium of the Church." They also denounce that "blessing couples in an irregular situation or in homosexual cohabitation, even in an extraliturgical way, contradicts God's plan."

That is why, they add, "in conscience we cannot accept the recognition of this type of blessings." For all of the above, these priests "filially ask the Holy Father to annul Fiducia supplicans" at the same time that they insist on "praying for our conversion and that of everyone so that we may live charity in the truth."

With the Pope yes; with the error no

In response to the declaration "Fiducia supplicans", the initiators of this campaign point out that they are "a group of priests, laymen and consecrated women, coming from diverse places" who feel "with the duty to express filially, with all respect, to the Holy Father, "the need for this document to be withdrawn, in attention to the truth, the good of the Church and the salvation of people."

They say that with this initiative they seek to join "so many bishops who have already expressed their clear position regarding this erroneous document."

That is why "with a sense of co-responsibility, to which Canon Law itself invites us (Canon 212)" they have developed this campaign to which they invite anyone who wishes to join.

Numerous lay people, priests and consecrated persons from various parts of the world have given their support to the manifesto. For now, the initiative has achieved more than 850 signatures in a couple of days.



Deacon Ed said…
Where is the link so that others may sign the document?