Most eloquent condemnation of Cardinal Fernandez and his Pornographic Path

Mystical Passion... and perverse

A new book comes to light, a new scandal, by Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith. The Pope must dismiss Cardinal 'Tucho', who does not have to recognize the authorship, but rather repent and ask forgiveness.

Javier Paredes

I just read a book written by what I can only attribute to a perverse mind. And I have done it because I have felt compelled to do so before writing this article. I had never been through something so unpleasant in my life. I had never encountered such baseness and perversion as those distilled in the pages of that rubbish titled The Mystical Passion, published in Mexico in 1998.

And if I have felt compelled to read this damned book, before writing this article, it has been because of the seriousness contained in the identity of its author. It is sad that there are perverts who dirty the printing presses with his writings, but this book has no name because its author is Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández (known as 'Tucho').

Yes, the existence of perverted minds is very regrettable, but what is a drama for all the Catholic faithful and what has pushed me to break my silence is that a perverse mind like the one that has been able to write The Mystical Passion is entrusted the custody of the Catholic faith, for being the current prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

I do not recommend anyone reading such spit against Mysticism and against human dignity. And it will be difficult for me to forgive this cardinal for including in the pages of his book mystics and saints, very loved by the Catholic Church. I do not recommend reading it because the arguments of such a perverse mind are overflowing among the excrements of the pigsty of thought.

Time will have to analyze the process by which we have come to have this priest at the head of the most important doctrinal institution of the Catholic Church, which could be summarized as follows: in the face of the history of the holiness of so many Catholics of the 20th century, no Few, not very saints, adapted to the script that is summarized in this maxim: “From anathema, to dialogue and from dialogue to adaptation.”

But at this moment I am not interested in historical analysis, which could distract us from what is truly important: raising our voices, not only so that Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández does not sleep the next night as prefect of the Dicastery of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. , but if possible so that today he spends the night outside the walls of the Vatican. Pope Francis has the floor.

Monsignor Fernández assures that, in fact, the book is his and that it is a work of youth. As if it is from senescence. It is a scandal and the solution is not to recognize authorship but to rectify it, which is what the faithful do: I have said atrocious things, I regret them and ask for forgiveness. And naturally, Pope Francis must dismiss him.

Javier Paredes

Emeritus Professor of Contemporary History at the University of Alcalá