German Bishop celebrates the Feast of the Epiphany by attacking traditionalists

"We find ourselves divided socially and within the church,” said Bishop Feige on Epiphany. Certain groups took advantage of this, said the bishop. But Pope Francis has a good antidote.

According to Magdeburg Bishop Gerhard Feige, increasing diversity in society and the church needs something that unites them so that it does not turn into division. “The basic principles for this are respect for human dignity, respect and decency, the willingness to deal with one another in solidarity and mercy, as well as a general orientation towards the common good,” he said on Saturday in Magdeburg Cathedral on the Feast day of the Three Kings.

"There is no doubt that diversity is an asset; different opinions and cultures can enrich and broaden our horizons. Without a certain unity, however, there is a risk of alienation and separation," said the bishop. People reacted very differently to the increasing differences: some with concern and fear, incomprehension and rejection or anger and hatred, others with interest and open-mindedness.

Division in church and society

"We now experience ourselves as divided socially and within the church. This feeling of great uncertainty is only too readily used by certain political groups to invoke a supposed 'national unity' against diversity. And traditionalist or evangelical Christians see decadent and blasphemous traits in this," Feige explained. In contrast, he took a recommendation from Pope Francis: more mutual listening and dialogue. It is necessary to bring the different opinions into discussion and always remain open to the fact that your own previous opinion could change or expand.

In Saxony-Anhalt, Epiphany on January 6th has been a public holiday since 1993. Only just under 14 percent of the population are Christians, the proportion of Catholics is three percent. Only in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg is the day still a public holiday. In many places around the date, children from Catholic parishes go from house to house dressed as the “Three Kings” and collect donations for needy children all over the world as Epiphany carol singers.



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For the modernist fake Catholics dialogue and tolerance and love is completely one-sided.