Berlin: Church invites you to a Nativity Play with drag queens and lesbians. Mary and Joseph as a lesbian couple.

Mary and Joseph as a lesbian couple looking for a hostel, plus a drag queen show, all musically accompanied by the “feminist choir and performance collective Heart Choir”: This is how Christmas Eve is to be celebrated in the Galilee Church in Berlin. Not satire.

No, this is not a satirical article - the Protestant Church in Germany is actually serious about this: On Sunday, Christmas Eve, a “queer nativity play” is to be performed in the Galiaea Church in Berlin-Friedrichshain.

The production surprises even Central Europeans, who have already experienced a lot in recent years: The nativity play tells the journey of Josy and Marie, a pair of lovers from a rural area who are read as “feminine” and who unexpectedly become pregnant. Fearing rejection and a lack of support, the lesbian couple goes to the big city in search of community and a new home. There the two discover that many doors are locked here too. They find a simple place to stay, where the child sees the light of day on a dark winter night.

A quote from “After the nativity play there will be a party with a drag show and a shared meal. If you would like, Pastor Jasmin El-Manhy can give you a Christmas blessing. The nativity play is financed from church innovation funds.”

The Protestant Church also offers an attempt to explain this event on Christmas Eve: “The feminist Berlin choir and performance collective Heart Choir would like to use the event to particularly appeal to people who are excluded from the traditional image of the Christmas nuclear family and are therefore often alone this evening spend."

It is not explained why essential facts of church history and biological self-evidentities have to be rewritten.


Cathcon: Not long now before modernist Catholic churches put on similar shows.  Time of choosing.