Shocking background revealed to Papal protection of abuse cover-up Bishop.

 Pope Francis praises Msgr. Gisana. Where is zero tolerance?

A whited sepulchre who thinks nothing of covering up sexual abuse with the power of his office while persecuting Faithful Catholics.

- Statement from the Co-ordination against Abuse in the Catholic Church


"I greet the Bishop of Piazza Armerina, Monsignor Rosario Gisana: well done, this Bishop, well done. He was persecuted, slandered and he was firm, always, just, a just man. For this reason, that day when I went to Palermo, I wanted to stop first in Piazza Armerina, to greet him; he is a good Bishop."

These are the words of Pope Francis pronounced on November 6 during the audience, in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, to the group of the Piccola Casa della Misericordia Association of Gela (Caltanissetta). Words that sound extremely grotesque and clash with his repeated affirmations of closeness to the victims of abuse and against clericalism, cover-ups and cover-ups.

Monsignor Rosario Gisana, in fact, is involved by civil justice (but not under investigation) in several proceedings in addition to the more well-known case of Don Giuseppe Rugolo, the priest accused of aggravated sexual violence on minors on trial at the Enna court (now in the final phase ), transferred by the Bishop to Ferrara, where he was then arrested in 2021. Also in his diocese, in Gela, a catechist was accused of alleged child abuse and sent to trial last July. According to the investigations, the alleged victim had informed the bishop of the abuse she had suffered, a circumstance denied by Gisana.

By whom would he have been "persecuted", then, Msgr. Gisana? Perhaps from justice, from procedural documents? From the testimony of the victims? Really, in the Church of "zero tolerance", are reports of victims of abuse considered "persecution"?

By whom would he have been slandered, if even he, the bishop, admits, verbatim (as per wiretaps in the documents), to "having covered up the case"?

What does it mean for Pope Francis to be a "firm man"? Transfer, as Gisana did, Don Rugolo to another diocese, according to a more than consolidated practice in the hierarchy of the Church, justifying the initiative for "study reasons"?

What does it mean for Pope Francis to be a "just man"? Offer, as Gisana did, to a survivor 25 thousand euros in cash, taken from Caritas funds, with a confidentiality clause?

What does it mean for Francis to be a "good bishop"? Wasting the motu proprio Vos estis lux mundi by transferring, in the lack of transparency, a priest accused of sexual abuse to another diocese and thus thinking of protecting the victims? Not communicating data on Diocesan activities regarding the management of cases of abuse requested by the first CEI report (2022), as the Diocese of Msgr Gisana also failed to do?

But it doesn't end there, because the timing adds to the merit of the appreciation: the Pope's words in fact arrive on the eve of the prosecutor's indictment and the discussion of the civil parties, scheduled for November 7, at the Enna court.

A pronouncement of this type by the Pope makes it clear that the attitude of protection of the institution is a mental and behavioral habitus intrinsic to the hierarchy. Once again it is confirmed that the Church cannot reform itself. A secular and aware civil society, as happens in other countries, should do its part.