New Vice-President of Argentina is a traditionalist Catholic, attending an SSPX chapel

The secret rituals of Victoria Villarruel in a marginal and ultra-conservative Catholic faction

She attends pre-conciliar masses of a Lefebvrist congregation. Priests who officiate ceremonies with their backs turned and in Latin, anti-Bergoglism and a Jewish Holocaust denier bishop.

Victoria Villarruel's links with the coup militia are well known and became more evident this week, with the act she organised in the Buenos Aires Legislature to vindicate the state terrorism perpetrated by the last dictatorship. Less well known is the political communion of Javier Milei's running mate with a religious congregation that has one foot outside and the other inside the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, and which has been the germ of the traditionalist seed preached by the leader of La Libertad Avanza.Milei Risk: they warn about "the enormous danger that democracy is in"

"They will not pass," say personalities and institutions from numerous areas of public life in response to the "act of vindication of the dictatorship" organized by La Libertad Avanza.

Villarruel, of Catholic faith, keeps secret his participation in the pre-conciliar cults that take place in a chapel belonging to the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X which in 1988 consummated the last schism (division) with the episcopal consecration of four religious without authorization from the Pope and their immediate suspension from exercising ministry in the Catholic Church and its communities.

Despite the secrecy that reigns at the San Pío X Priory, ecclesiastical sources confirmed to Letra P that Villarruel is a "parishioner" of the Lefebvrist church dedicated to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces, located at Venezuela 1320, in the Monserrat neighbourhood of Buenos Aires, a few blocks from the Congress. There she attends the traditionalist masses, also called "Tridentine", with prayers only in Latin and with the priests celebrating in a low voice and with their backs to those who attend the church..

According to the website of the SSPX South America District, the “residents” in that priory are the priests Luiz Camargo, Jesús Estévez, Marcelo Cuervo and Luis María Canale and a nun identified only by her name: Julia. The most visible face of this ultra-traditionalist group is Canale, who, in a video preaching on July 30, warned about “infidelities to doctrine” that confuse the faithful and gave as an example the letter that Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio) sent to Tucho Fernández when appointing him prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Nominal overlap and shared values

Another striking fact is that Villarruel appears as honorary president of the Tridentine Foundation for Classical Values, which shares a nominal coincidence with the masses that emerged in 1570 after the Council of Trent, prior to the rite established after the Second Vatican Council, to which Libertarian leader attends.

The entity, chaired by agricultural businessman Eduardo Llorente, promotes “classical knowledge” – among them, the study and dissemination of Greek and Latin – and works on actions linked to education and “strengthening in values and virtues” such as family, marriage and the defense of life from the moment of conception; ideas identical to those preached by the vice presidential candidate for LLA.

Likewise, it has mimetic links with the Oíd Mortales Foundation, the basis of its political structure through the Democratic Party of Buenos Aires, whose Board of Directors includes – in addition to Llorente – Guillermo Montenegro, a libertarian candidate for the Chamber of Deputies for the province of Buenos Aires. Aires and partner from Villarruel, as secretary; and the expert on religious issues Raúl Amado, as treasurer.

The institutional structure is completed by the doctor Gabriela Álvarez, María Llorente, the accountant María Eugenia Tasende, her legislative advisors Enrique Bergalli and Juan Martín Donato, the educator Ida Tejeda de Anchezar, the retired colonel Jorge Vives, Luciano Ferrari and Dolores González Calvo.

Holocaust-denying bishop

The Lefebvrists, whose worship services Villlarruel attends, came to public attention in February 2009, when Archbishop Richard Williamson, of English origin and resident at the Nuestra Señora Corredentor seminary in the Buenos Aires town of La Reja, was ordered to leave the country by Néstor Kirchner's government under threat of expulsion after he denied the Jewish Holocaust. The religious man, whose excommunication had been lifted by Benedict XVI that year, said in journalistic statements that there was "no evidence" of the genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime.

The ultraconservative Fraternity was re-admitted in December 2016, during the presidency of Mauricio Macri, by means of a resolution of the Secretariat of Worship that recognises it as a legal person and incorporates it into the Register of Institutes of Consecrated Life, which make up Catholic congregations and orders.

For this incorporation, a request was made to the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, signed by Mario Poli, with the approval of the then Bishop Fernando Maletti of Merlo-Moreno, the ecclesiastical jurisdiction where the Lefebvrists have their house of priestly formation. The admission, it is discounted, had the approval of Pope Francis. Despite this legal recognition, the Fraternity insists that its main objective is the "restoration of the Catholic tradition in the Church".


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