Lutherans happy to collaborate ecumenically with Synodalists in the destruction of Catholicism

Germany's Lutherans ready for synodal co-operation

General Synod President Kannengießer: Yes to presence in the planned Synodal Committee

Germany's Lutherans would be prepared to co-operate synodally with the Synodal Committee of the Catholic Church. The President of the General Synod of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany (VELKD), Matthias Kannengießer, said this to journalists in Ulm on Monday. It has been observed that there are still difficulties with the establishment of the Synodal Committee. "But I can assure you that we would be extremely willing to work together if there was a counterpart," said Kannengießer. "There is a great willingness on our side."

So far, official cooperation between the Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany has mainly taken place at the level of the contact dialogue group of the Catholic Bishops' Conference and the EKD. There have not yet been any committees at Synodal level.

The Synodal Committee met for the first time on Friday and Saturday (10/11 November) in Essen. In the new committee, bishops and Catholic laypeople want to continue their consultations on possible reforms in the church, which they began in the Synodal Path launched in 2019. The committee is to prepare the establishment of a Synodal Council.


Cathcon: Ecumenism and Synodalism, solvents of Catholicism, partners in ecclesiastical crime.


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