Synodalist claims "Catholic is only what is also Protestant and Orthodox"

 At the World Synod in Rome, the focus is on the way of being church. This also includes taking a look at other denominations, says Dorothea Sattler, a dogmatist from Münster. Because there are also questions for the churches of today elsewhere.

Really does need to read more Catholic theology, especially the great Marian dogmas.

The Münster dogmatist and ecumenist Dorothea Sattler pleads for an ecumenical view at the World Synod: "Catholic is only what is also Protestant and Orthodox," she told the portal "" on Friday. That means "what corresponds to the biblical Gospel and is recognised as the true teaching of God".

Catholic is only what applies everywhere and all the time, because Catholic means encompassing all times and spaces, Sattler continues. "This is where the greatest difficulty in the World Synod becomes apparent: the distinction between the timelessly valid message of God and the always historically limited abilities of all people to listen to it and proclaim it," says the dogmatist.

She refers to the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), which stated that the Roman Catholic Church could not live the fullness of the catholicity of the Church without paying attention to the witness of the wider Christian traditions. That is why it is a special sign of catholicity that the World Synod began with an ecumenical prayer and that representatives of other confessions are present in Rome. "The Orthodox and Anglican Churches are also currently facing tests of strength.