Synod recalled to "Faithfulness and steadfastness" in sermon in St Peter's Basilica. "The Peace of God is given on God's terms, not man's".

In his homily in St Peter's Basilica, Archbishop Grusas said that reform is not an end in itself. He urged participants in the World Synod to remember: "The Church is open to all, but the peace of God is given on God's terms, not man's."

Lithuanian Archbishop Gintaras Grusas has called on the World Synod meeting at the Vatican to be "faithful and steadfast". In a homily at St Peter's Basilica on Wednesday morning, Gintaras told participants in the synod: "We too are called to remain faithful in our commitment to walk together in the life of the Church and through the difficulties of the way, even when it is not clear where God is leading us in the short term."

God makes the rules, not the people

Continuing, Grusas said, "Not all to whom the message of the Kingdom of God is proclaimed will be open to receive it - man has the freedom to accept God's Good News or not. The Church is open to all, but the peace of God is given on God's terms, not man's."

Referring to the World Synod debates on a changed constitution of the Church, the US-born Archbishop of Vilnius warned: "As we continue to talk about what processes, structures and institutions are needed in a missional synodal Church, we need to make sure that they actually support the mission of bringing the Good News to those in need of salvation. 



Under Canon Law, a synod has no authority or power, it cannot “resolve” anything, it can issue no “decree,” i.e. re: what matters it can’t do jack squat:

‘Can. 343 It is for the synod of bishops to discuss the questions for consideration and express its wishes but not to resolve them or issue decrees about them unless in certain cases the Roman Pontiff has endowed it with deliberative power, in which case he ratifies the decisions of the synod.’

Guy McClung, Texas