Social influencer rap priest leaves the priesthood. Clearly has always been more in love with the media than the Message.

Daniel Pajuelo, known as 'Smdani', leaves priesthood

Through a brief message on his social networks, the well-known youtuber priest, who had been away from the spotlight for some time, has announced that he is hanging up his cassock.

Smdani states that "after a time of silence and reflection, I have taken the decision to request a dispensation from my religious vows and priestly ministry".

Pajuelo assures that he is at peace with the decision he has taken and announces that he is leaving his presence in the public media "in which I have always maintained my evangelising zeal, and I ask for respect in my decision to leave the media spotlight".

Smdani has been known for holding heterodox positions on central questions of Catholic doctrine. On his YouTube channel he interviewed a priest who described himself as gay, and he even shared a photo with a Spanish porn actor on his social networks.

In another of his controversial videos, he referred to prayer as "this s**t we live on".

In statements to Vida Nueva, asked if "the pressure he has suffered as a digital missionary" has influenced his decision, he answers that directly no "although the harassment and defamation to which some Catholic media and priest 'influencers' have subjected me, caused me great sadness at the time". Let us pray for him.



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