Progressive priest taints those who uphold the moral teaching of the Church with being "extreme right"

Silence probably doesn't help II: Homophobia

"And I'm hiding here in my little fortress,

I feel safe and secure

And no one has the key but me."

(“In a moment”, German coming out short film)

The countless reports of cases of abuse among clergy include everything possible: institutional abuse, spiritual abuse, sexual abuse of adult entrusted persons, ephebophilia, pedophilia. In the Catholic context, what I have already described here must be assumed to be the cause.

The reaction of the far right faction to the crisis is shocking. It actually began when Pope Benedict (probably a victim himself) identified the sexual revolution in the wake of the '68 movement as the actual cause of moral decay of all kinds and thus also of the abuse crisis. Of course, he did this around 2010, 40-60 years after the time in which most of the attacks now documented took place. In his wake, the channels (like our corrector are now attacking the LBGTQ movement and blaming them for the crisis. This is unbelievable, indecent, unethical and turns the goat into a gardener.

Would you like an example? Swiss.cath. (“With a sharp pen”) Franz Sabo quickly calls him a paedophile. In this case, which was thoroughly discussed by (and RR!), it was about gay ephebophilia. A young priest had an ethically completely inappropriate crush on a 17-year-old with the same inclinations as him. This was and is no other case than the already forgotten young vicars/chaplains who fell in love with their Blue Ring leaders (and who later married, names are known) or even my highly esteemed Kanti teacher.

But no: Again the gays are to blame for everything, again attributes like pervert or pedophile are attached to them. Have we forgotten how the Nazi dictatorship dealt with the issue? Do we want to create new files about which priests and pastors come into question?

To be honest, I'm fed up. Not turning the goat into a gardener would mean recognizing that over 30 percent of priests are homosexual. Recognize that the institution always knew this and benefited from them (because they didn't make unwanted children). Recognize how much suffering has been caused here, how much repression, how much false sublimation. Yes and also: Finally apologize, not just to the young men who got in their way, but to themselves.

We are not to blame for this crisis. But we are a small cog in their great, centuries-old cogwork. And we want one thing:

"I'm coming out of my little fortress, I don't want to just hide anymore."

(see above)



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