Odours of political and financial corruption added to the vile stench of soul-destroying Synodal Modernism emanating from the Francis Vatican

The money that politicians [left-wing populist friends of Francis] have in the Vatican bank

Yes, your friends

In a Vimeo video, surprising data is revealed about the bank accounts of several politicians in the Vatican bank.  

It is mentioned that Rafael Correa (Former President of Ecuador) has 193 million dollars in account 001 345761, Michelle Bachelet (former President of Chile) 206 million, while Lula da Silva (President of Brazil) has 249 million dollars in the account 0013 24953.

These politicians would be using the company Pasca Limitada to destabilize their respective countries. In addition, mention is made of the participation of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (former president of Argentina), who would have been the first to carry out money laundering operations through different routes. The video also mentions that the populist governments of Chile and other countries began to carry out these operations under the recommendation of each other.

In this way, they could launder money from public works and other fraudulent income. The politicians involved, such as Evo Morales, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, Michelle Bachelet and Lula da Silva, could not justify their millionaire incomes. For example, the case of Evo Morales in Bolivia is mentioned, whose salary as president would not justify the income in dollars that he declares.

In addition, an alleged relationship is revealed between the foundations in Panama, controlled by Lázaro Báez, and the Vatican. These foundations could have partners who are unaware of their participation in them, taking advantage of the foundation law. It is mentioned that diplomatic chests with the logo of the International Red Cross were used to send money to the Vatican.

Although the International Red Cross denied its involvement in these events, evidence was found that the deposit accounts used belonged to said organization. The video also hints at a relationship between the aforementioned politicians and Pope Francis. It is mentioned that the Pope visited Fidel Castro in Cuba and has supported Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

There is also talk of possible tensions between the church and the government of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, but a negotiation is mentioned in which the debt of 700 million euros that the Vatican had with Argentina was settled. It is stated that this negotiation gave rise to "Operation Alba", in which a plan was devised to mobilize and launder money from corruption.

In the video, the position of Pope Francis, who is attributed with a communist and socialist mentality, is questioned. It is mentioned that within the Vatican he is called "the communist", and his support for socialism in different parts of the world is criticized. Furthermore, the idea is raised that Pope Francis cares more about the political movement than about the real problems of the poor.

Reference is made to a quote from a cardinal who stated that "the Popes pass and we remain." This video has generated a stir and controversy due to the strong accusations and revelations it makes. Although the veracity of the data presented has not been verified, it has exposed the existence of million-dollar accounts of politicians in the Vatican bank and has raised questions about Pope Francis' relationship with these corrupt politicians. It will be necessary to wait for more information and evidence to be able to confirm or deny these controversial statements.


Cathcon: You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to wonder why Cardinal Pell had so many troubles when he tried to sort out the financial governance of the Vatican.   No surprise that Lula is on the list.  I am having a look at the banking regulations to see how much the Italian government could now intervene.  They should also take an interest how much money, if any, has come from China. First we had Friends of Bill (Clinton), now the governance of the Church is in the hands of the Friends of Francis and they seem to be running it as a racket. 


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