Modernist theologian now wants experimentation on human embryos. Guess what, he is close to Pope Francis.

How should medicine deal with surplus embryos in in vitro fertilisation? The theologian Antonio Autiero argues for a de-tabooing of the debate: Research could give embryos a new purpose.

When Pope Francis meets someone he wants to use to change the content of Catholic faith or morals, he always looks into their eyes.

Catholic theologian Antonio Autiero has advocated a de-tabooisation of the debate on the handling of surplus embryos. This also means that research on human embryos can be justified from an ethical-Christian perspective, Autiero said in Berlin on Tuesday. So-called surplus embryos could be given a new chance if researchers used them to potentially cure serious diseases.

Surplus embryos" are embryos that were created during in vitro fertilisation (IVF) but are not implanted in the woman.

In the service of humanity?

Autiero is a member of the Ethics Committee for Stem Cell Research (ZES). He spoke at a conference in Berlin entitled "Human embryos in medical research: taboo?-justifiable?-opportunity? The organisers include the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

According to Autiero, embryos would then be given a "new function, namely to serve research and ultimately humanity". This would give them a new purpose. Guidelines for the use of human embryos for research purposes would have to be high priority and urgency, a lack of alternatives and a great chance of cure.

The Embryo Protection Act, which came into force over 30 years ago, currently prohibits research on human embryos in Germany. Research on and with human embryonic stem cells is also only possible under strict conditions within the framework of the Stem Cell Act. In their coalition agreement, the SPD, Greens and FDP had also spoken out in favour of reforms.


Cathcon: The world is heading to disaster in which we will all be dehumanised.  The Pope does not resist but is a collaborator.   

The Professor also is part of Catholic Theological Ethics for the World Church


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