Abuses in the Church. The day Cardinal "Tucho" Fernández was denounced in the Vatican for cover-up

The former archbishop of La Plata was denounced by victims of Eduardo Lorenzo, a priest from La Plata whom he covered up. The case was investigated by this newspaper. Bergoglio always knew everything. Now they shout it at him in San Peter's Square.

Víctor “Tucho” Fernández, one of the priests closest to Jorge Bergoglio and considered a faithful soldier of the pope, was publicly denounced for covering up priests accused of committing sexual abuse. Whoever was until a few months ago archbishop of the Diocese of La Plata and today is a brand new high-ranking official within the Vatican, could not prevent the voices of the victims from being heard on Vatican soil.

Last Thursday, Diego Pérez, the young man who reported the abuse suffered in his adolescence by the priest Eduardo Lorenzo, traveled to Rome with Sergio Salinas, lawyer of the International Network Against Ecclesiastical Child Abuse ECA (Ending Clergy Abuse) and complainant of the victims of the Próvolo Institute, and participated along with other victims of ecclesiastical abuse in a protest held meters from St. Peter's Basilica, in front of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, against the appointment of Fernández as a Vatican minister.

Fernández was appointed in July of this year as Prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, direct successor of the Holy Roman and Universal Inquisition, recognized for its bloodthirsty methods to control the population that did not follow the "apostolic Catholic doctrine." Today it continues to be the "ministry" that controls, censors and sanctions everything related to the "values" of official Catholicism, including systematically supporting the cover-up of thousands and thousands of rapes of girls, boys and adolescents in schools, institutes. and parishes around the planet. Quite a gesture from Bergoglio to one of his best friends.

During his tenure as Archbishop of La Plata, Victor Tucho Fernández was in charge of covering up any wayward cassock-wearer who was denounced for having committed sexual crimes. In a special report that La Izquierda Diario carried out together with Pulso Noticias last December - media that have been denouncing Fernández for his complicity for several years -, eleven of the cases reported so far in La Plata and in the that, in various ways, “Tucho” played a clear role in covering up his priests. Cover-up that goes hand in hand with dehumanization and contempt for victims and survivors.

Eduardo Lorenzo (committed suicide in December 2019 at a Cáritas headquarters minutes after being arrested), the creator of the Miles Christi congregation Roberto Yanuzzi (the only one excommunicated by the pope for his doctrinal differences, not for his abuses), Héctor Giménez (reported but unpunished), Rubén Marchioni (reported publicly but not judicially), Maximiliano Di Virgilio (the family of his victim withdrew a criminal complaint), the former chaplain of the Gendarmerie in Misiones Raúl Sidders (with an absurd house arrest and close to a trial oral) and five former capos of the Provolo Institute of La Plata (Nicola Corradi, Horacio Corbacho, Giuseppe Spinelli, Giovanni Granuzzo and Eliseo Primati).

After trying to “cleanse”, based on liturgical cosmetics and silences bought at a good price, the La Plata archdiocese of the ultra-conservative remnants of Aguer, “Tucho” flew with his “experience” to the Vatican. What he could not leave on Argentine lands was his complicity in the sexual crimes of his servants, something that he tried to hide under the rug of silence and the victims of sexual abuse shouted it in his face and in his new house.



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