Shocking blasphemies and desecrations in support of the ordination of women

 Blasphemies and desecrations in the German church. “Will the Bishop of Rome turn the other cheek?”

The way a modernist thinks of the Virgin Mary on the left!

"Women in priestly robes preaching, or another action of disobedience in the German Church" - in the media frenzy, among hundreds of pieces of information of "exceptional importance", this article by Grzegorz Górny on the website went virtually unnoticed.

Meanwhile, we are dealing with another stage of the revolution in the Catholic Church. As Grzegorz Górny writes, the schism in the German Church is deepening. A week after the collective action of blessing homosexual couples in Catholic temples, another event took place, which could hardly be called anything other than another challenge to the Holy See and the Magisterium of the Church.

It's about the "12 Frauen" campaign. 12 Orte. 12 Predigten” – 12 women, 12 places, 12 sermons, which took place on May 15 and was organized by the Catholic Community of German Women. The Aktion consisted of 12 Masses held in 12 temples in Germany, during which 12 women in priestly robes delivered 12 sermons.

Grzegorz Górny points out that the action was not only supported by some of the German Catholic media, including diocesan portals, but above all everything happened in consultation with local parishes and parish priests who personally celebrated the above-mentioned Eucharists.

The columnist reminds that according to canon law they could not allow this to happen, because only a priest can deliver homilies during Mass. Therefore, such an action, such an operation, is treated in progressive circles as a stage on the way to winning the right to priestly ordination for women.

A slap in the face to the cardinal

The action also covered the diocese of Cologne, which is under the authority of Cardinal Rainer Woelki, considered the main guardian of orthodoxy in the German episcopate. What happened in the church of St. Elizabeth in Cologne, is generally treated as a harsh slap in the face to the cardinal by the local parish priest. The mass, during which Mrs. Marianne Arndt, dressed as a priest, delivered her sermon, had an unusual setting. The altar was covered with a rainbow flag, and next to it stood a statue of Our Lady, resembling some ghostly monster with a red Mohawk on its bald head.

This hideous, hunched monster looked like some antifiara from a Berlin squat - in boots, a short jacket revealing the belly and a red Mohawk. But apart from this monster, which the "priestess" pointed to with a smile during her "sermon", there was another hideous, ghostly figure in a white dress standing on the altar.

Ghostly figures in the Church of St. Elizabeth in Cologne.

It is worth adding that the above-mentioned Marianne Arndt is fighting hard for the "multiculturalism" of Germany. Therefore, he is very active in accepting immigrants and works in an organization that provides them with various types of help.

Grzegorz Górny ends his article with… questions:

How will Cardinal Woelki react to this blatant act of disobedience in his own diocese? How will Francis react to what is happening in the German Church? After all, all these actions are a slap in the face not only to the Bishop of Cologne, but also to the Bishop of Rome. Will he turn the other cheek? What will be the next action of the revolutionary faction?



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