Priest denounces in no uncertain terms delusional Argentinian nun who wants homosexuals to marry in Church who is also close to the Pope

Priest Patxi Bronchalo dismantles the fallacies of Sister Lucía Caram

Guess whose best friend

This week we publish in these pages the latest and controversial statements of Sister Lucía Caram in an interview with Jorge Javier Vázquez on Telecinco.

The controversial Dominican nun was in favor of homosexual couples being able to marry in the Church because "God always blesses love." She also had no problem showing her support for same-sex sexual relations.

The priest of the diocese of Getafe, Patxi Bronchalo, has written a thread on his social networks arguing the reason for the mistake in those statements by the Argentine nun living in Catalonia.

"Does God always bless love? Well no. Does God bless that husband who abandons his wife and his children to go with another woman? Does God bless those who in May '68 defended that pedophilia is a sexual orientation? Would Sister Lucia say “if you love each other”?", the priest asks.

Bronchalo adds: "Sister Lucia also says: “Jesus says not to condemn anyone." In reality what Jesus says is “do not judge.” Saying that an act is wrong is not condemning anyone. To condemn is to judge the intention of the heart, to believe oneself better, to see the note of it in the eye and not the beam of one's own.

The priest remembers that "Jesus himself, who does not condemn anyone, points out evil and sin. For example when he says that whoever rejects his wife and marries another commits adultery. And when Saint Paul talks about homosexual acts (not homosexual attraction)? He does not judge anyone, he points out the bad act.

Furthermore, he states that "it is clear that the presenter wants to attack the Pope and when he does not get the response he wants from the nun criticizing the Pope, he goes on to say that the Pope is extraordinary. In reality, the Church and the Pope don't care. "It's a television bait show."

«And when the show does not have good viewing results, it is canceled and replaced by another that brings out more rot, so that more people see it that way. In fact this has already happened. The program that Sister Lucía was in was the last. Well, that's it, meat cutting market," she adds.

Finally, Patxi Bronchalo regrets that Sister Lucía Caram “is on the path of becoming another broken toy on television, as has happened to other religious before. For a few minutes of fame, good people are poisoned and confused and everything is lost.


Cathcon:  Post-conciliar history is littered with priests and religious more in love with the media than with Jesus Christ, who then lose their faith.  The same goes for musical performers who are priests and religious who get fame but lose their souls.