Pope has chosen the name of the next Pope, Pope John XXIV. Does he really think a redramatisation of Vatican II is a good idea?

Pope reveals possible name of his successor

Francis speaks to journalists about travel plans to Vietnam, joking: "If I don't make the trip, John XXIV will certainly go there"

Pope Francis revealed the name of his desired successor on his flight back to Rome from Mongolia. Addressing a possible papal trip to Vietnam, the 86-year-old said jokingly on Monday: "If I don't make the trip to Vietnam, John XXIV will certainly go there." The predecessor in name of the possible future pope mentioned by Francis would be John XXIII (1958-1963). He inaugurated the Second Vatican Council, which opened the Catholic Church to the modern world with sweeping reforms.

Francis was only vague about the expected timeframe, saying that Vietnam and the Vatican had the goodwill to move forward; the problems that currently remain would be "overcome sooner or later", but that dialogue had been opened. Among Vatican observers, relations between communist-ruled Vietnam and the Holy See are seen as a test case for the even more complicated relations between Beijing and Rome. 


Cathcon: Backwardist.  A Pope with such a name would freeze the Church in the post-conciliar stasis of mismanaged decline, by calling a Council to do so.   After the Robber Council, the Council Frozen in Time.

And surely Pope Francis does not believe Pope John XXIV would see the rise of the anti-Christ.  Or does he?