Modernist theologian accuses traditionalists of supporting one of the oldest heresies. Their Christ is unbelievable and inhuman mythical creature.

The reactionary new traditionalism is, at its core, an old heresy

Some of Oliver Wintzek's students have returned from World Youth Day with disturbing experiences. From their descriptions, the theologian concludes that a new traditionalism is advancing in the church - which is older than expected.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Wintzek is Professor of dogmatics and fundamental theology at the Catholic University in Mainz. At the same time, he works as a co-operator at the Jesuit Church in Mannheim.

The internal Catholic fronts are hardening - some of my Mainz students were at World Youth Day in Lisbon and reported (also) disturbing things. Enthusiasm for “more” than a critical, enlightened spirit, theology bashing and (discriminatory) “Jesus immediacy” are in vogue. All of this in conjunction with an irritation-resistant certainty of knowing what God (or Jesus) has revealed and wants for all eternity. From a sociological perspective on religion, this is called fundamentalism; internally, this means being defenders of “eternal truths” that need to be promoted despite or precisely because of social marginalization. Reactionary content and hip design often go hand in hand. A (higher) clergy with an affinity for "Jesus" is also susceptible to worship events where the Middle Ages, which often did not understand the doctrine of transubstantiation - it is a bulwark against haptic immediacy - and postmodernity intersect.

Where does this certainty of divine will come from? Where does this arrogance towards the fumbling and ghetto-immune come from? Where does this obsession with eternity towards historical thinking come from? Where does this overuse of Jesus of Nazareth as an anti-relativistic herald of God come from?

My suspicion: Mono-physitism is experiencing a postmodern revival here, even if most of its followers may not even know this ancient church heresy by name. What was and is it about? The figure of Jesus of Nazareth was reconstructed in ever new variations so that he only had one (mia) nature (physis) - the divine. This means that he is not a true human being, but rather a divine superbeing. God (more precisely: the eternal intra-Trinitarian "Son") did not assume human nature, but rather dissolved it in divine nature. In this view, Jesus of Nazareth mutates from a human herald of Israel's (universal) God's hope, arrested in his time, into a divine speaker of eternal truths. The fact that these are only read from the collection of biblical texts and church traditions with an undisclosed guiding interest is deliberately concealed...

Therefore: The front positions are about the “took on flesh and became HUMAN”! This is the basic Christian dogma - it stands against the new editions of an unbelievable and inhuman mythical creature.


Cathcon: Modernist theologians seem to be entering into a competition to see who can slander and defame traditionalists more.   It is even more despicable given the devastation that is modern Christological theology from von Balthasar's kenosis to Rahner's theology from below.   Traditionalists have and always will take their stand on the teaching of the Council of Chalcedon.    That is a pre-Vatican II Council so no modernist ever takes what it says too seriously.


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