Cowboy priest and cowgirls preside at Mass

Church of Sainte-Luce de Disraeli . Celebration of the 21st edition of the Western Mass by Bernard Rouleau, parish priest of Disraeli.

A Mass more a show than a Eucharistic celebration ....

Watching the traditional Western Mass in the church of Sainte Luce Disraeli, you might well ask yourself the following question:

If the Mass is no longer a true celebration of the Eucharist, how can we hope to keep the faithful?

"François Kibwenge, Episcopal Vicar for the Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall in Eastern Ontario, speaks the truth: the situation of Dioceses truly reflects that of society. The Church is in crisis.

"In Canada, several places of formation for priests have had to close their doors, including large institutions in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. Either these establishments have been forced to close, or they have been reduced to mere institutions," observes Christian Dionne, professor of theology in Ottawa.

"Parishes are currently run by people of a certain age. In five years' time, they will no longer be able to take on these responsibilities. We're facing a generational crisis," says Abbé François Kibwenge lucidly.

According to him, young people aspire to discover new experiences, and the priesthood can seem to restrict this freedom.

So, at this age, it's not easy to feel comfortable with a vocation that requires a great deal of discipline.

According to Canada's National Trust, 9,000 of Canada's 27,000 churches - a third - could close permanently by 2030.


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