Will pastoral assistant who pretended to be a priest be disciplined? The choice is clear: anarchy or Catholicism.

 Bishop Joseph Bonnemain informs Monika Schmid about the result of the investigation into "liturgical abuse".

The retired parish leader Monika Schmid and other persons have been accused of "liturgical abuse". As of today, Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain is informing those concerned about the result of the investigation and the resulting provisions.

At the final service of theologian and retired parish leader Monika Schmid in the summer of 2022 in the parish of Illnau-Effretikon, "a few things were done a little differently than usual" during the Eucharist celebration, writes theologian Erwin Koller in a church citizen's letter. "And all those who celebrated were 'one heart and one soul' in the biblical sense."

Schmid is said to have presided at the Eucharist - something only a priest is allowed to do. Outsiders later accused Monika Schmid and other pastors of having committed "liturgical abuse".

Procrastination was unworthy

Bishop Joseph Maria Bonnemain felt obliged to react and opened a preliminary canonical investigation against Monika Schmid. Erwin Koller considers the fact that no decision was made for such a long time as a "dragging out of the matter vis-à-vis the employees". This was "unworthy".

In response to a request from kath.ch, diocese spokesperson Nicole Büchel writes that the preliminary investigation into the farewell service was completed in spring 2023. "The subsequent examination and assessment took further time. Everyone involved has been working diligently to clarify this situation, which has taken some time." She thanks those concerned for their understanding and patience.

Individual talks with Bishop Bonnemain

Already in his church citizens' letter dated 8 August, Erwin Koller criticises the fact that Bishop Joseph Bonnemain will talk to each and everyone individually. "In doing so, he does not take you seriously at all as a community of liturgically responsible people. This contradicts not only pastoral prudence, but also that papal letter which Bishop Joseph Bonnemain recommended me to read in his letter of 1 February 2023, the doctrinal letter 'Desiderio desideravi'," said Koller.

The Diocese of Chur confirms that the talks will be held individually. "As of today, Bishop Joseph Maria is personally informing each of the persons concerned about the result of the investigation and the resulting provisions. Since a differentiated procedure is intended due to the different situations, the talks will take place individually."

Which decisions have been made will be announced at a later date, Nicole Büchel said.