When Eternal France, eldest daughter of the Church, abandons her churches.

At the beginning of August, the bells of the church of La Baconnière, in Mayenne, rang for the last time. In France, many other churches are abandoned, destroyed or vandalized.

Notre-Dame de Fourvière

The crane slowly approaches the church. In a few minutes, in a deafening silence, the bell tower of Genest-Saint-Isle (Mayenne) is separated from the structure. Stone by stone, the Saint-Sulpice church, built in the 19th century, is reduced to rubble. From now on, the bells will no longer ring in this small village of Mayenne... Not far from there, in La Baconnière, another church could soon experience the same sad fate.

Abandoned churches

“Each time a church disappears, a fragment of the soul of France vanishes. In total media indifference, the open letter from a hundred right-wing parliamentarians sounds like a warning. While in the Middle Ages, builders destroyed religious buildings to build more beautiful and bigger ones, now, in France, churches are demolished never to be replaced... Little by little, influenced by the cancel culture, some elected officials, often encouraged by associations and collectives, allow all traces of our Christian past, which they ignore or hate so much, to fade away.

700 kilometers from Mayenne, Notre-Dame de Fourvière, which overlooks and protects the city of Lyon, no longer resists the attacks of time. The towers of the basilica, consecrated in 1896, are increasingly exposed. Seepage and cracks threaten the structure and require major emergency work, reports Le Parisien. The private foundation in charge of the building is looking for more than 8 million euros to complete this project, including 5 million only for the heritage part. Some sponsors have already announced their participation in the fundraising. On the other hand, the city of Lyon, led by the ecologist Grégory Doucet, has indicated that it will not pay a cent, considering that it has already invested enough in this building. Thus, rather than participating in the safeguarding of the first tourist site of the metropolis and the emblem of the city of Lights, the environmentalist majority seems to prefer to allocate subsidies to pro-migrant associations (SOS Méditerranée, in particular).

Indifference against anti-Christian acts

When they are not abandoned by elected officials who are not concerned with defending the identity of France, (too) many churches are vandalized or desecrated. Fractured and degraded church in Paris, this February 26, decapitated statue in a church in Orly, ten days earlier, fire starts in a church in Yvelines, Molotov cocktail thrown against the porch of a Parisian church in January… Since the At the beginning of 2023, the press already lists (in a non-exhaustive way) more than ten acts of vandalism against Christian religious buildings. At best, these profanations fill the rubric of simple "news items". But, most of the time, they are passed over in silence. Conversely, any attack on a mosque or a synagogue triggers – legitimately – a wave of indignation and reactions.

Each year, a handful of abandoned churches must be destroyed. But by 2030, 2,500 to 5,000 churches will be threatened with demolition or sale. And then, what will remain of the “white coat of the church” that covered France until the dawn of the 21st century? Before churches, religious and cultural vestiges of our country, become mosques, as was the case in Graulhet (Tarn), there is only one step. Will it be crossed soon? Only a mobilization of the French, and Catholics on the front line, could reverse the trend.



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