Degradation of Catholic basilica

The scandal over the improper mural in the Basilica of Pi exposes the concerts of "mákina" music in the same church and paralyzes that of the Church of Sant Jaume

Urban art has replaced true devotion

These days there are many who have put the magnifying glass on what is happening in the Basilica of Pi, where it seems that the lack of control has taken over the churches of this pastoral community led by an incompetent pastor without personality, dominated by people whose only interest is to make unnatural mixtures between sacred space and artistic manifestation outside that place. From Germinans we already denounced in detail what is happening with the mural of an atheist artist that will be present until Christmas behind the presbytery in this impressive Gothic basilica and that has caused great scandal among our readers and among many good Catholics who have learned of this unfortunate news.

 As a result of this, we have learned of other irregularities that have occurred in this same temple and that fortunately have been stopped by the publicity of what happened in the basilica. Without going any further, a concert of "mákina" music that was to be held in the church of Sant Jaume, which also depends on the same parish priest, Monsignor Lluís Ramis, which was already scheduled and that at the last moment has been canceled. That is the good news, the bad news is that the same concert has already been held in Santa Maria del Pi, although it happened so discreetly that no one concerned about the dignity of Catholic temples found out and, therefore, no scandal was created.

 The concert, part of the CSPCMMCAB project, which means "Symbolic correspondences between Catholic folklore and Makina music in the Old Town of Barcelona", was held in the Basilica of Pi in September 2022, this project had the approval of the parish priest and the one who really runs the show in that church, namely Jordi Sacasas, archivist and curator of the basilica.

The promoter of the CSPCMMCAB project is Marc O'Callaghan, a transgressor artist who loves to create scandal and to be talked about, without going any further, one of his compositions for the occasion is: "Por el culo + CSPCMMCAB Remix". If you have the stomach, you can listen to it at this link. The artist, to call him somehow, does not mind appearing completely naked in some of his shows, as can be seen in these photographs.

Why do we Catholics have to put up with this kind of things, and that incompetent parish priests allow these artists to show off, incompatible with our Catholic faith and with the art built to praise God? And on top of that, the parish priest Ramis is given another parish, the Basilica of Sant Just i Pastor, until now run very decently by Monsignor Armand Puig.

Let's hope that after all these complaints, someone will put the former episcopal vicar Ramis in a firm position, for the moment the CSPCMMCAB has been stopped in the church of Sant Jaume. We will see if Omella is hard and forceful with him as he is with others who, according to him, have done something wrong, or his reprimands are selective depending on who the person is. Hopefully all this will not go unpunished.