Catholic Devotions for the 28th August

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Reading from the School of Jesus Crucified

Feast of Saint Augustine

From the Confessions

Chapter XXVII

Late have I loved Thee, 0 Beauty so ancient and so new; late have 1 loved Thee! For behold Thou were within me, and 1 outside; and 1 sought Thee outside and in my unloveliness fell upon those lovely things that Thou hast made. Thou were with me and 1 was not with Thee. I was kept from Thee by those things, yet had they not been in Thee, they would not have been at all. Thou didst call and cry to my and break open my deafness: and Thou didst send forth Thy beams and shine upon me and chase away my blindness: Thou didst breathe fragrance upon me, and 1 drew in my breath and do not pant for Thee: 1 tasted Thee, and now hunger and thirst for Thee: Thou didst touch me, and I have burned for Thy peace.

Chapter XXXIII

The pleasures of the ear did indeed draw me and hold me more tenaciously, but You have set me free. Yet still when I hear those airs, in which Your words breathe life, sung with sweet and measured voice, I do, I admit, find a certain satisfaction in them, yet not such as to grip me too close, for I can depart when I will. Yet in that that they are received into me along with the truths which give them life such airs seek in my heart a place of no small honour, and I find it hard to know what is their due place. At times indeed it seems to me that I am paying them greater honour than is their due-when, for example, I feel that by those holy words my mind is kindled more religiously and fervently to a flame of piety because I hear them sung than if they were not sung: and I observe that all the varying emotions of my spirit have modes proper to them in voice and song, whereby, by some secret affinity, they are made more alive. It is not good that the mind should be enervated by this bodily pleasure. But it often ensnares me, in that the bodily sense does not accompany the reason as following after it in proper order, but having been admitted to aid the reason, strives to run before and take the lead. In this matter I sin unawares, and then grow aware.

Yet there are times when through too great a fear of this temptation, I err in the direction of over-severity-even to the point sometimes of wishing that the melody of all the lovely airs with which David's Psalter is commonly sung should be banished not only from my own cars, but from the Church's as well: and that seems to me a safer course, which I remember often to have heard told of Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria, who had the reader of the psalm utter it with so little modulation of the voice that he seemed to be saying it rather than singing it. Yet when I remember the tears I shed, moved by the songs of the Church in the early days of my new faith: and again when I see that I am moved not by the singing but by the things that are sung-when they are sung with a clear voice and proper modulation-I recognize once more the usefulness of this practice. Thus I fluctuate between the peril of indulgence and the profit I have found: and on the whole I am inclined-though I am not propounding any irrevocable opinion-to approve the custom of singing in church, that by the pleasure of the ear the weaker minds may be roused to a feeling of devotion. Yet whenever it happens that I am more moved by the singing than by the thing that is sung, I admit that I have grievously sinned, and then I should wish rather not to have heard the singing. See in what a state I am! Weep with me and weep for me, all you who feel within yourselves that goodness from which good actions come. Those of you who have no such feeling will not be moved by what I am saying. But do Thou, 0 Lord my God, hear me and look upon me and see me and pity me and heal me, Thou in whose eyes I have become a question to myself: and that is my infirmity.

The Reading from the Martyrology

August is the Month of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Sweet Heart of Mary, make my heart
With love like thine for Jesus burn.
O Heart aflame with heavenly fire,
To learn this love, to thee I turn.
Light in my heart this conflagration
Sweet Heart of Mary be my salvation

Sweet Heart of Mary, purest heart,
Not whitest lily can compare,
With spotless purity like thine,
O Mary, take me to thy care.
In every danger and temptation,
Sweet Heart of Mary, be my salvation.

Monday is the Day dedicated to The Holy Ghost & the Souls in Purgatory

Litany for the Holy Souls

The just shall be in everlasting remembrance;
He shall not fear the evil hearing.

V. Absolve, O Lord, the souls of the faithful departed from every bond of sin,
R. And by the help of Thy grace may they be enabled to escape
the avenging judgment, and to enjoy the happiness of eternal life.

Because in Thy mercy are deposited the souls that
departed in an inferior degree of grace,
Lord, have mercy.
Because their present suffering is greatest in the knowledge
of the pain that their separation from Thee is causing Thee,
Lord, have mercy.
Because of their present inability to add to Thy accidental glory, etc.
Not for our consolation, O Lord; not for their release from purgative pain, O God;
but for Thy joy and the greater accidental honor of Thy throne, O Christ the King,

For the souls of our departed friends, relations and benefactors,
Grant light and peace, O Lord.
For those of our family who have fallen asleep in Thy bosom,
O Jesus, grant light and peace, O Lord.
For those who have gone to prepare our place, etc.
(For those who were our brothers [or sisters] in Religion,)
For priests who were our spiritual directors,
For men or women who were our teachers in school,
For those who were our employers (or employees),
For those who were our associates in daily toil,
For any soul whom we ever offended,
For our enemies now departed,
For those souls who have none to pray for them,
For those forgotten by their friends and kin,
For those now suffering the most,
For those who have acquired the most merit,
For the souls next to be released from Purgatory,
For those who, while on earth, were most devoted to God the Holy Ghost,
to Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament, to the holy Mother of God,
For all deceased popes and prelates,
For all deceased priests, seminarians and religious,
For all our brethren in the Faith everywhere,
For all our separated brethren who deeply loved Thee,
and would have come into Thy household had they known the truth,
For those souls who need, or in life asked, our prayers,
For those, closer to Thee than we are, whose prayers we need,

That those may be happy with Thee forever, who on earth
were true exemplars of the Catholic Faith, grant them eternal rest, O Lord.
That those may be admitted to Thine unveiled Presence,
who as far as we know never committed mortal sin,
grant them eternal rest, O Lord.
That those may be housed in glory, who lived always in recollection and prayer, etc.
That those may be given the celestial joy of beholding Thee,
who lived lives of mortification and , self-denial and penance,
That those may be flooded with Thy love, who denied themselves even Thy
favors of indulgence and who made the heroic act for the souls
who had gone before them,
That those may be drawn up to the Beatific Vision,
who never put obstacles in the way of sanctifying grace and
who ever drew closer in mystical union with Thee,

V. Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord,
R. And let perpetual light shine upon them.

Let Us Pray.

Be mindful, O Lord, of Thy servants and handmaids, N. and N., who are gone
before us with the sign of faith and repose in the sleep of grace. To these, O Lord,
and to all who rest in Christ, grant, we beseech Thee, a place of refreshment,
light and peace, through the same Christ Our Lord. R. Amen.

The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary are prayed on Monday

The Rosary in Latin

Chaplet of the Five Holy Wounds of Christ in Latin 

Chaplet of the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady in English

The Reading of the Rule of Saint Benedict for August 28

LXX. Ut non praesumat passim aliquis caedere
l Vitetur in monasterio omnis praesumptionis occasio; 
2 atque constituimus ut nulli liceat quemquam fratrum suorum excommunicare aut caedere, nisi cui potestas ab abbate data fuerit. 
3 Peccantes autem coram omnibus arguantur ut ceteri metum habeant. 
4 Infantum vero usque quindecim annorum aetates disciplinae diligentia ab omnibus et custodia sit; 
5 sed et hoc cum omni mensura et ratione.
6 Nam in fortiori aetate qui praesumit aliquatenus sine praecepto abbatis vel in ipsis infantibus sine discretione exarserit, disciplinae regulari subiaceat, 
 quia scriptum est: Quod tibi non vis fieri, alio ne feceris.

Chapter 70. That they may not presume to strike one another at will
1 So as to avoid in the monastery every occasion of presumption, 
2 we decree that no one has the right to excommunicate or strike any of his brothers, unless he has received power do to so by the Abbot. 
3 For sinners are to be reproved before all, so that the rest may have fear. (I Tim. 5:20) 
4 Children, however, up to fifteen years of age are to be kept under diligent and watchful discipline by all: 
5 yet this too is to be done reasonably and with all measure.
6 For if anyone without precept from the Abbot presumes authority over those who are above that age, or if he acts towards children without discretion, he is to be subjected to the discipline of the Rule; 
7 for it is written: What you do not wish done to you, do not do to another (Tob 4:16)..

Today's Celebration of the Mass

Jesu Christi Passio sit semper in cordibus nostris
May the Passion of Jesus Christ be always in our hearts


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