What is a climbing wall doing in Vienna's Cathedral? From 2022 and repeated this year.

School-leaving examination candidates in Vienna are in for a steep climb next week. That's why a climbing wall has been set up in St. Stephen's Cathedral. 

The written school-leaving and diploma examinations begin on 2 May. Quite a few are tense, because the finals of the school years are just around the corner. For an extra helping hand from on high, high school graduates can register online at www.beblessed.at to have a candle lit and prayed for in St. Stephen's Cathedral on the day of the exam they are most afraid of. Those who wish will receive a video via WhatsApp or Telegram with blessings from St. Stephen's Cathedral on the morning of the chosen exam day.

Congratulations from the very top

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn will wish the pupils good luck, God's blessing and a fearless approach to the exam. It is no coincidence that Cardinal Schönborn sends special wishes for the mathematics examination: this was the subject he was most afraid of at the time. Vicar General Nikolaus Krasa, cathedral priest Toni Faber and Christian influencers Constanze Huber and Anna Schinnerl also send blessings from St. Stephen's Cathedral on the various days of the Matura to encourage pupils shortly before the exam begins. With the blessing, people are promised that God is with them, will protect and accompany them.

Climbing towards heaven

The Matura candle campaign, a project of the school board of the Archdiocese of Vienna, was presented at the "BE BLESSED" Matura blessing ceremony in St. Stephen's Cathedral on Tuesday (16 April). Numerous Matura candidates came to the service to receive God's blessing for their upcoming maturity and diploma exams. A climbing wall more than seven metres high was erected in the cathedral, symbolising the last metres of the school career. Vicar General Nikolaus Krasa and Johannes Hofherr, professional climber in the Austrian National Youth Team, climbed the wall during the service. Once at the top, they wished the students that they would reach the top with their Matura and that they would know that God would accompany them on their further journey through life. Mayor Michael Ludwig (SP) and Vienna's Director of Education Heinrich Himmer were also present at the blessing ceremony. 



Dan said…
I guess if nobody's coming to Mass, you got to use it for something.. 60 years of the beautiful springtime of the church

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