Modernist demand for new forms of liturgy

 According to the theologian Benedikt Kranemann, new forms are needed for people to celebrate worship today. "The crisis of the church is also a crisis of liturgy," he said on Monday at the Salzburg University Weeks. This decline was unmistakable and probably unavoidable, but possibly also salutary. The Church must face up to this crisis, he said, because otherwise it would "simply endanger its existence".

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Cathcon:  The Church is not a laboratory for experimenting with souls. 

According to the Erfurt liturgy scholar, church services have a long tradition and are of immense importance for the Catholic Church. However, only very few Catholics still attend such a service on Sundays. This development is taking place in an environment in which rituals and celebrations actually have a high value. But the structures, rites and language of Catholic liturgy remain foreign and closed to many people.

Many people have also become more sensitive to exclusionary power structures, Kranemann said. Many missed the reference to their own worries and needs in the church service. The theologian also criticised the fact that liturgy is still limited to Eucharistic celebrations (Cathcon: untrue, although the Mass is what gives all liturgical activity its meaning). However, this is not the only form in which people in their different life situations can pursue an encounter with God.


Cathcon:  As if the New Mass has not already done enough damage to the practice of Catholicism.  


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