Pastoral Assistent Karnel presides over Pride Service in Chapel of the Last Judgment

Wonderfully are we created, God we thank you for it

Not in fact a priest!

That is what it said in the psalm collage that Lydia Burchhardt, retired Protestant pastor, shared with those present at the Pride Prayer on Friday, July 7 in the Fuchskapelle. Together with family pastor Benno Karnel, Brigitte Hany from the Protestant Women's Group, Magdalena Riegler from the Young Church, "Think New" section and Christina Hardt-Stremayr from the Catholic women's movement, we prayed, sang and thanked God for the diversity in the world.

We are all children of God

With the ecumenical prayer before the Pride Parade on Saturday, July 8, the Catholic and Evangelical Church wants to show their solidarity with all those brothers and sisters in the faith (and beyond) who belong to the LGBTIQ+ community.

If God is love...

... then we too need more love in the world. More appreciation and respect. All this was noticeable that evening in the Fuchskapelle of the main parish of St. Egid, which created a wonderfully colorful setting for the get-together.

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