Attending traditional Mass is forbidden in the home of the Patron Saint of Parish Priests

Episcopal pettiness :

Celebration of the Mass in the Sanctuary of Ars.
1) Priests who wish to celebrate the Mass or hold confessions must produce a valid CELEBRET and prove their identity
2) The Mass can be celebrated in Latin and in any vernacular language, but only with the Roman Missal in its presently approved form
3) Exception: a priest can be admitted to celebrate with the old Missal only if he is alone and only in the crypt
4) An offering on your part is welcome in order to assist with the costs of the physical organisation at your service

To contact Mgr Roland, please contact his Secretariat:

Mgr Roland's secretariat
31, Rue du Dr Nodet
CS 60154
01004 Bourg-en-Bresse Cedex

04 74 32 86 40

Be firm; be polite.  Try and persuade him to change this narrow-minded and uncharitable policy.


gsk said…
Very sorry to hear this. Was privileged to hear a traditional Mass there last year (Sept, 22). My husband and I just happened to walk in as it began right at the altar where the saint lay (incorrupt, of course!)—we were the only ones there. Later met the priests (both German). A treasured memory!