Spanish bishop robustly attacks politician for his defence of abortion

Munilla attacks Feijóo for his pro-abortion stance

The Bishop of Orihuela-Alicante, Monsignor José Ignacio Munilla, has returned to the fray against the President of the Popular Party (PP), Alberto Núñez Feijóo, for defending abortion.

Munilla has been openly criticising both the PP and its national president for several months for abandoning the defence of life and bowing to the dogmas and parameters of the left.

The Basque prelate did not want to miss the opportunity to express his disagreement with the Galician leader after his statements this week on the programme El Hormiguero with Pablo Motos.

Bishop Munilla has shared on his twitter account a two-minute video with Feijóo's position on abortion. The Bishop of Orihuela has highlighted one of the phrases that Núñez Feijóo said about abortion: "when a woman wants to terminate her pregnancy, there can be no public power to prevent it".

Faced with this statement by the popular candidate for the presidency of the Government of Spain, Bishop Munilla has launched two questions "to whom it may concern": "1st.- And who defends the right to life of the unborn human being, in the case that it has had the misfortune of not being wanted? 2nd.- Is there not a moral duty to give a child up for adoption before resorting to abortion?"

Munilla's 'positions' on the PP

In recent months, José Ignacio Munilla has portrayed the position of the PP on numerous issues and has not bitten his tongue when it comes to publicly criticising the Popular Party.

In January this year the Bishop charged against the cowardice of the PP and denounced Rajoy's betrayal of the pro-life cause. A betrayal of which he also accuses the current president of the PP.

In February this year, following Feijóo's applause for the Constitutional Court ruling that endorsed abortion as a right in Spain, Bishop Munilla questioned whether "anyone with a right conscience" could vote for the PP.

Munilla also had no qualms about criticising Feijóo for his stance on surrogacy. The Bishop criticised the fact that the PP president has shown himself open "to revising his position" to accept surrogate motherhood "with the nuance that it is not in exchange for an economic consideration".