Idolisation of the Pope takes extreme form in Argentina

Giant statue of Pope Francis unveiled in Aguilares

In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Pope Francis' Pontificate, a Holy Mass presided by Fathers Juanino Díaz, Javier Bravo and Monsignor José Ignacio Herrera was held at the replica of St. Peter's Square located on Falucho and Lamadrid streets in the San Martín neighbourhood of Aguilares.

A giant sculpture of Pope Francis, created by the artist Rubén Pereira, was blessed there. On the occasion, happy birthday was sung to Father José Ignacio Herrera. In this way the place was inaugurated.

Present were the Deputy President of the Legislature Sergio Mansilla, the Mayor Elia Mansilla, Councillors, Officials, Federal Police personnel, Gendarmerie and the public present.


Cathcon: This is where the canonisation of the series of post-Conciliar Popes have gotten us.  Modernity proclaims "its all about me".  The Catholic Church responds with "its all about the Pope".   Christ is pushed to one side. Ultramontanism that would make the most extreme ultramontanists at the First Vatican Council blush.

Saint John the Baptist proclaims 
Gospel of John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease Illum oportet crescere, me autem minui.

This Papacy rather declares "I must increase but he must decrease". 


shutupoprah said…
That’s the ugliest thing I’ve seen this month. Statue of an evil narcissistic phony