Power games of Bergoglians. Pentecost experienced as Good Friday.

The episcopal career of Monsignor José Cobo

The Community of Lanceros has had no other topic of conversation since last Thursday than the possibility of Auxiliary Bishop José Cobo becoming the next Archbishop of Madrid. Our correspondent in Rome over the weekend took it for granted. 

Bishop Cobo (centre)

The clergy of Madrid celebrated this Pentecost as if it were Good Friday.  They intensified their prayers for the future of the Archdiocese. They could not have imagined it. The question was what has happened for the bishop of the progressive minority of the Madrid clergy to take over the diocese for nearly twenty years at least. 

Our correspondent in Rome recalls that for the last year Cobo has been seen too many times in Rome working the Pope's entourage. Under his arm he carried the reports against his archbishop, the archbishop who had made him Vicar, the one who had made him bishop against the majority opinion of those consulted on his appointment. 

In the early days he had the backing of Javier Belda, who these days is already being tipped as the future Vicar General of Madrid. What the reports were saying, according to our correspondent in Rome, was that the Foundations case could be solved quickly and legally, but Osoro refused to accept the proposal of the team of lawyers. 

On subsequent visits to Rome, Cobo insisted on his knowledge of the clergy of Madrid, his good offices during his time as Mayor of Madrid with Manuel Carmena, his concern for the peripheries, his support for the slum priests of Vallecas. The refrain is always the same. Madrid needs the change the Pope wants. Madrid is the ideal platform to jump to the Episcopal Conference where Cobo acknowledged he does not have enough support. Waiting for the Pope's endorsement.    

As a member of the Community of Lanceros recalled, when Osoro found out that his auxiliary was making his bed in Rome, he began to distance himself. Yet another betrayal in the Madrid curia was the final straw. Osoro's loneliness began to be a problem. Osoro was uncontrollable and in his pathological solitude he could make uncontrollable decisions against the interests of those who held him hostage. 

Another member of the Community of Lanceros points out a fact that may clarify things. When the last Plenary Assembly arrived, Cobo was seen on more than one occasion to be enthusiastic about Omella and his followers. It was then suspected that the auxiliary bishop was preparing his future, which could be Madrid or any other Spanish diocese, preferably one of the important ones.   

On 6 June last, this community had already ventured that the synodal process for the Pope to appoint the archbishop of Madrid had resulted in the trio of Luis Ángel de las Heras, Luis Argüello and José Cobo. 

A member of the  Community of Lanceros would like to recall a story. Audax, Ditalcos and Minuto assassinated Viriato. The proconsul Quintus Servilius Cepion in 139 BC made it clear to them when they returned to collect what they had promised. "Rome does not pay traitors".