Official media portal of the Swiss bishops ridicules Marian dogmas ridicules the Marian faith - Pro Ecclesia protests with a petition, the official media portal of the Swiss bishops, publishes a four-part series of articles in which the Catholic Church's belief in Mary is ridiculed in an equally unscientific and blasphemous manner. The popular movement "Pro Ecclesia", the "Fatima World Apostolate" and "Switzerland prays" protest against this with the petition "Urgent request to the Swiss bishops: Stop the insults to our heavenly Mother! is funded by church tax money and the Bishops' media offering, which will be collected from parishes next weekend.


the media centre you commissioned,, is currently publishing a series of articles on the four Marian dogmas for the Marian month of May. Instead of honouring the Blessed Mother in her privileges, explaining the dogmas and strengthening the faith of the readership, in these articles the dogmas are only viewed in purely human terms, faith in them is undermined and partly ridiculed. All in all, this series of articles by, which is accompanied by partly obscene pictures, must be described as a vilification of Our Lady, which hurts every believing Catholic, every Marian child, and hurts their religious feelings. 

"Mother of God not Biblical", "Sidekick", "Virgin Birth thanks to a Caesarean delivery" "absurd dogma".  

Unfortunately, these articles are only the tip of the iceberg: has been depreciating the Catholic faith for some time and is a thorn in the side of many Catholics in our country.

The fact that the media centre works on behalf of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, i.e. that it is an official organ of the Swiss national church, is particularly offensive. We would like to remind you, Excellencies, of the framework statute for media work adopted by the Swiss Bishops' Conference, which states: 'The Bishops' Conference has regarded ecclesiastical media work as one of its most important pastoral priorities ... The world view and the outlook on life of our contemporaries is determined to a large extent, if not to the greatest extent, by the media. Even what they perceive of the Christian message and of the life of the Church, and how they judge it, is for most people today conveyed almost exclusively through the media'.

So, according to the Bishops' Conference, there is a direct connection between the quality and orthodoxy of the Catholic media and the faith among God's people.

We would like to politely ask you, as pastors, to once again become aware of this immense responsibility and either withdraw the mandate from or ensure that this media centre really serves to edify the faith of Catholics.

In particular, we want to ask you, for the sake of love for our heavenly Mother, to no longer tolerate the abuse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and to publicly defend her honour.

May Mary, Queen of May, bless and protect you!

Catholic People's Movement Pro Ecclesia

supported by: Switzerland Prays, Fatima World Apostolate"

Link to the petition, Demand to the Swiss Bishops, Stop the insults to Mary the Mother of God will return to this scandalous event at after the full series is published.



Yet another worthless petition. Wake up. The Novus Ordo Antichurch is entirely opposed to the actual Catholic Church. These wolves in shepherds’ clothing, led by Antipope Francis, care not a whit about such feeble petitions. They just laugh and keep going.
jos said…
Despite well intentioned, is an absolutely worthless petition for being directed to the demonic whore of babylon instead of to the catholic church

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