German Catholicism falls victim to one-woman rule. She demands Synodal Path decisions be implemented in every German Diocese no matter what the Bishop thinks.

Totalitarian demands that Synodal Path decisions be implemented in every German diocese no matter what the Bishop thinks

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) began its two-day plenary assembly in Munich on Friday. In her report, ZdK President Irme Stetter-Karp expressed "anger" at the recent reactions of some bishops and cardinals of the Curia to the decisions of the German reform dialogue Synodal Way, such as the rejection from Rome of a baptismal mandate for lay people. "We are experiencing a Church in which men cement their power," she said.

"As an absolutist system of power, this church must come to an end," she added. "It needs a profound transformation in the best synodal sense." The "wind of change" must "blow into the last corners of this encrusted system", she said. The ZdK President stressed that she insisted that the decisions of the Synodal Way be implemented in all German dioceses. She was counting on the Synodal Committee, initiated to continue joint consultations and decisions between bishops and laity, to take up its work in November as planned.

Stetter-Karp was critical of the state of the processing of sexual abuse in the German dioceses. "It seems like a mockery that some bishops still see no need for a intense field study in their area of responsibility." There is also a lack of support for a nationwide dark field study, as the head of the MHG study, Harald Dreßing, has repeatedly called for. This casts doubt on a nationwide will to clarify the situation.


John F. Kennedy said…
The Synod decisions have no weight and force of Canon Law. Every Bishop could and should ignore every "decision" made by the synod and especially this woman. She should be Excommunicated.
Farmer Carolyn said…
Her Excommunication would go a long way here