Description of performance on the subject of abuse as satanic excites Synodalists

"Crossing a line" by "Maria 1.0" 

The synod and chairwoman of the Catholic German Women's Association (KDFB), Maria Flachsbarth, spoke of "triple steps" with regard to the text resolution on lay people in the proclamation. The long-suffering of women is further challenged on the Synodal Path. She still agreed to the text, even if she didn't think it was perfect. 

There was clear criticism of the "Maria 1.0" initiative at the press conference. In a social media post, it described the performance on the subject of abuse performed the night before as "satanic". The General Secretary of the German Bishops' Conference (DBK), Beate Gilles, described this choice of words as "incomprehensible". The Synodalists found the performance "deeply moving". 

Flachsbarth and the Secretary General of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Marc Frings, agreed with Gilles' words. Frings spoke of a "border crossing". On Friday morning, after an intensive struggle, the Synodal Assembly decided on a text entitled "Proclamation of the Gospel by Lay People in Word and Sacraments". At the level of the German Bishops' Conference (DBK), it calls for basic permission for qualified and commissioned women and men to also preach at Eucharistic celebrations. So far, this is usually only allowed to clerics. Originally, the text contained other demands such as a lay confession. 

At the request of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart Auxiliary Bishop, Matthäus Karrer, which he introduced for the DBK, these are now to be discussed in a consultation process in which the Catholic orders and associations are also to be involved.

Source    Original story from Cathcon on the instrumentalisation of the sex abuse scandal by the Synodalists as a weapon in their grab for power.  A critical article describing this instrumentalisation.