Bishop of Mainz challenged on Synodal Path

They are not just followers on the so-called Synodal Path, but belong to the episcopal sponsors of the organisation. You want to push through the desired restructuring of the Catholic Church and, seconded by your Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General Dr. Bentz are already busy creating facts on the ground in the Diocese of Mainz. For a long time now, with your express approval, "worship services" have been offered and advertised in which people who are in a same-sex or other non-marital union can have this union "blessed." Last year you intensified your rainbow course by installing a “queer-sensitive pastoral” and two official representatives for this pastoral and by organizing a “queer week” with numerous indoctrination events.

In view of this, I ask you to comment on Cardinal Müller's statements below. Do not remain silent as you usually do when I address you. End your chronic refusal to engage in dialogue with orthodox Catholics. Because of your positions that deviate from the faith and teaching of the church, you have a duty of justification before the faithful of the diocese. Therefore, I combine my request for an opinion with the question: Can you prove with absolute certainty that Cardinal Müller is wrong and that the "synodal" project does not spring from disordered passions and presumptuous thinking, but corresponds to the will of God?


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