Bishop neglects to celebrate the Annunciation but welcomes fashion models, cooks and Ramadan

The cloister of Almeria Cathedral is turned into a catwalk for models

Almeria Fashion Show 

The Bishopric of Almeria gave the Cloister of the cathedral of Almeria for the celebration of the second edition of MAC. Fashion, Art and Culture.

This past Saturday, the day of the Incarnation, the cloister of the cathedral of Almeria became a catwalk of models. "Under the umbrella of the designer Loreto Martínez, supported by Libertad Martínez and Estefanía Molina, the proposals of Sofía Qostali, Fabián Ozán, Susana Lirola with Mangata, Pilar Dalbat, Mari Carmen Sáez and Loreto Martínez herself paraded along the catwalk. At the same time, there were performances by Ana Mar and Isa, Agus Contreras, Santo y Seña, and Cosmin Gaiger DJ. And the food  was provided by companies from the Sabores Almería brand", reports La Voz de Almería.

The event was supported by the Almería City Council, Diputación de Almería and the Junta de Andalucía. The Almeria media speak of "collaboration" on the part of the Bishopric of Almeria in providing the space. It is not clear whether this collaboration is free or whether there has been a financial contract between the diocese and the organisers to use the cloister of the cathedral.

From Almería, several sources have told this newspaper that many priests are fed up and angry. Bishop Gómez Cantero did not celebrate Mass in the cathedral on Saturday, the Feast of the Annunciation, because he was apparently busy with the Muslim community. The effusive congratulation of Ramadan by the Diocese of Almeria is another 'commotion' that has caused great controversy this past week in Almeria. Almerian priests have criticised the equating of Islam with Christianity in the Diocese of Almeria's Ramadan greetings to Muslims, with whom Gómez Cantero shared a picnic this week.

The voices in the heart of the Church in Almeria against the Bishop are increasing and criticise the fact that the bishop delegates the government of the Diocese to his team in order to dedicate himself to participate in all kinds of acts and events that have nothing to do with his episcopal duties. Among the clergy of Almería, the bishop's recent participation in a cooking show has been the subject of much comment.