German Church accelerates towards schism with divisive rhetoric

The chairperson of the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK), Irme Stetter-Karp, does not want to buckle in the conflict with the Vatican. "We will not make the mistake of playing into the hands of those right now who are waiting for us to buckle and give up our driver function," Irme Stetter-Karp told the "Südwest Presse Ulm" (Friday edition).

"We have a dream of a Church that has something better to do than just defend its power."

(Cathcon: Power that the ZdK desperately wants to acquire. Made even less impressive by the absence of the great dogmatic truths of Catholic Christianity from their rhetoric and the salvific nature of the Church)

 The ZdK chairwoman expects the German bishops to stand by the decisions of the Synodal Assembly. "If the majority of the bishops were to back away from their decision that we consult and decide together in a synodal council, that would be a point at which we would have to say: We are not prepared to make purely cosmetic reforms." The Vice-President of the Association, Thomas Söding, is surprised by the accusation from Rome that the German lay representation is elitist and therefore does not represent Catholics in Germany.

He said he was surprised by the accusation, coming "of all people, from those who have the highest elitist position in the Church." The Central Committee is deeply rooted among Catholic lay people. "We don't have a problem of legitimacy there. That is more the case with those who keep writing letters to Rome," Söding said.


Of course there is a problem of legitimacy, as Stetter-Karp herself admitted.

See also Synod elite seize power and 0.00025% of Austrian Catholic women participate in Synodal Process.   Bishops who appease are not a new phenomenon in the Church but those that do are collaborating in the destruction of any Catholic sense of the Church.