Cardinal Ouellet recalls Church to Catholic teaching and is immediately criticised by Synod participant

Cardinal Ouellet emphasises biblical teaching on man and woman

"Image of God in man includes the couple and its fertility"

The outgoing prefect of the Vatican's episcopal authority, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, preached at the early Mass at the European leg of the World Synod in Prague. He underlined the biblical teaching of man and woman this Tuesday.

There, on the second day of the Continental Assembly, Ouellet said, referring to the biblical creation story: "The image of God in man includes the couple and their fertility."

Man, he said, was created by God as man and woman "so that there is a spiritual and physical love relationship between man and woman."

Making decisions based on Christian anthropology

The participation of human couples in God's love "purifies and sanctifies human love and multiplies their chances of happiness," Ouellet explained. But unfortunately, "the sinful human often rejects this grace and prefers their own choices, which lead them away from God's ways".

Ouellet called on the Synod stage participants to base their deliberations and decisions on Christian anthropology as laid out in the Bible. He warned against "interpreting the Word of God in a way that contradicts what it actually says".

He was immediately criticised by an outraged Mentari Baumann.  She is a lesbian Catholic who is participating in the Synodal process as an online delegate from Wislikofen. 

"The whole assembly is based on a document that calls for radical inclusion. And then in the homily the identity, life plans and work of queer people are dismissed as wrong," Mentari Baumann tells "This is nothing new - and yet it frustrates and hurts a little more during this congregation," Mentari Baumann finds. "I've been in contact with other queer Catholics all morning and it's all a bit the same for everyone right now."

"Unfortunately, queer people are being talked about and not talked with."

Mentari Baumann also criticised the fact that on Monday an employee of the Prague Synod office called the police to evict Ladislav Koubek. The Czech abuse victim and LGBTQ activist had been handing out leaflets in the hotel lobby - until the police came and banned him from the premises.


Cathcon: What and who gives Ms Baumann the right to have any sliver of authority in the Church?


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