Don Bosco's Dream of the Two Columns

An innumerable crowd, armed with guns and weapons of all kinds, advance against a ship, much bigger and higher, escorted by several smaller ships. At sea a statue of the Virgin with the inscription "Help of Christians", on the other, much higher rises, is a Consecrated Host of extraordinary greatness and in the column, a sign which said "Health of believers".

The fight was tremendous. All enemy ships tried to storm the largest ship: Pedro mystical ship to sink; but they did not dare to attack it and proceeded immediately step a blow by the columns ...

Continued the fierce battle, the Pope, the driver of the ship, severely beaten, fell, then rose; but he was injured for a second time, he fall back and died. Another Pope took his place: and, overcoming every obstacle, guided the ship between the two columns, tied to it with two chains, and instantly, the enemy army escaped and disappeared: a great victory.

Cathcon: In all the banal rhetoric of the Synod, there is little or no mention of Our Lady and the Eucharist, least of all from the Pope's lips. Something has gone terribly wrong.



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