"Superman-Pope" now as official T-shirt

He flies with a raised fist and a briefcase, his white soutane fluttering: Pope Francis was presented as a Superman in 2014 in a graffiiti image . Now the graphic is on T-shirts - for a good cause.

Colorful | Vatican City - 09.10.2017

The famous Papal graffiti with Francis as Superman will in the future be sold as a T-shirt for a good cause: the image which shows Pope Francis as a super-hero in the fight for Christian values ​​is now the "official emblem" for charitable initiatives of the Pope,  Radio Vatican reported on Monday. The official Papal super-hero shirt costs 19 euros and the revenues are to flow directly into the charitable donation projects of the Pope, such as Peter's Pence, according to the head of the Vatican Secretariat of Communications, Dario Edoardo Vigano.

The T-shirt can be ordered on the internet in various colours as well as in men's and women's versions. The front is adorned by the Super-Pope with a fist raised high in flight and a briefcase with the words "values" in the other hand; Papal quotations are printed on the reverse. The graphic of the Italian painter and street artist Mauro Pallotta was painted in 2014  on a house wall near the Vatican, but was quickly painted over. Nevertheless, it received great attention. The Pontifical Media Council then broadcast a snapshot of the Super-Pope on the short message news service, Twitter.