Saturday, October 21, 2017

Professor sacked for signing Correctio Filialis

Stift Heiligenkreuz: Professor dismissed because he asked Pope for the affirmation of the church teaching.

Cardinal Burke, Professor Stark and a monk of Heiligenkreuz....

"New cleansing of the critics of Amoris laetitia: Professor dismissed. [...]

The dismissal of Professor Stark is not to be read as a reaction of the progressive hierarchy to the criticism of a conservative lecturer, but rather as a struggle between the neo-conservative faction, which proves to be ultramontane and over-zealous to obey the Pope everywhere and the traditional world , which does not hesitate to correct even the actions and omissions of a pope if they are contrary to the Gospel and Tradition. The case of Professor Stark adds to the dismissal of Professor Josef Seifert from the Institute of Philosophy of the Archdiocese of Granada, which was decided by local bishop Francisco Javier Martinez. In this case, too, the offence was: lack of enthusiasm for Amoris laetitia. "

On October 19, 2017, Il Foglio commented on the dismissal of Professor Thomas Heinrich Stark, a signatory of the Correctio filialis against the spread of heresies, who taught at the Philosophical and Theological College of Benedict XVI. of the Cistercian monastery of Heiligenkreuz in Austria. Rector, Father Karl Wallner and Major Chancellor Abbot Maximilian Heim, on 15 October, dissociated themselves in a public statement from the Correctio and a "Guest professor". The name of Prof. Stark was not mentioned. On 18 October the students of the university were informed by the board of the Institute of Philosophy, that Prof. Stark's examinations were being invigilated by Prof. P. Marian Gruber. The distancing and dismissal of Prof. Stark was justified by the fact that cum Petro et sub Petro has been regarded as a special characteristic "since their foundation in 1802".

The late Cardinal Carlo Caffarra said ten months ago:

"Only a blind man can deny that with Amoris laetitia the greatest confusion rules in the church."


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