Bishop of Mainz calls for rethinking of gender roles.

The Mainz Bishop Peter Kohlgraf has presented a differentiated opinion on gender and gender equality in the Catholic Church. He considers it justified to "rethink gender roles in the face of gender issues today", the Catholic Magisterium can not escape the topic. Kohlgraf writes in a contribution to the Mainz newspaper "Allgemeine Zeitung" (Thursday). God had not "become man rather as a humanbeing ". Kohlgraf is concerned about the fact that the church is being discussed about admission to "power-holding offices". This shows that "something has gone wrong overall".

He emphasizes that not only women but also most men are excluded from questions of power "because too many themes have been linked by power over the centuries with ordination." Kohlgraf, however, sees himself as a bishop "of course, bound to the statements of the papal Magisterium". In 1994, Pope John Paul II had decided the question of a consecration of women and "Pope Francis reaffirmed the statement". The bishop therefore assumes a duty of loyalty for himself.

Nevertheless, according to Kohlgraf's words, the ecclesiastical Magisterium cannot "put their head in the sand and pretend that any opposition is only nonsense." The opponents can also not do this. Until the nineteenth century, the question of women's ordination had not been a relevant issue for society as well, according to the bishop. This does not mean, however, that today's church arguments are a product of the 19th century. The question was whether the church could change a tradition that had been "completed" in the second century.

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