Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Priest banned from preaching after supporting anti-Islamisation movement

After a speech at a Pegida (the anti-Islamisation movement founded in Germany) demonstration  the Bishop of Münster, Felix Genn has banned a Catholic priest from giving sermons. The priest could not express themselves inside and outside of places of worship in the name of the church, the diocese said on Tuesday.  

The priest from the Lower Rhine had spread stereotypes about Islam in Duisburg on Monday evening. In addition, he had criticized the lighting of the cathedral being turned off during a Pegida rally in Cologne in early January. In the Diocese, the 67-year-old takes almost no services anymore.
The priest  made his statements, for which he was abusing his authority as pastor and priest, "the foundations of right-wing ideologies, for xenophobia and a conflict of religions  have no placein the Roman Catholic Church," said the diocese.

Bishop Genn informed the 67-year-old in writing that he "cannot and will not tolerate"  such talk.
According to the diocese, the priest had criticised the darkening of Cologne Cathedral - a highly acclaimed protest against Pegida - as "very sad" . The light had only been shut down "because people had come together peacefully and taken a stand against the Islamization of Europe in silent protest," the priest was quoted as saying. In Mid-December Bamberg Archbishop Ludwig Schick had said. "Christians must not take part in Pegida" The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, had subsequently made clear that there were no "ecclesiastical directives" on this matter for Catholics.


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