Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Socialist Youth and Catholic Students at war

The Antwerp Young Socialists react angrily to the statements of the Antwerp branch of the KVHV about Johan Bonny.

The Catholic Flemish Student Alliance in a press release attacked the Antwerp Bishop, Johan Bonny. He advocated in "De Morgen" recognition of gay marriage by the Catholic Church. 

According to the KVHV, Bonny wants the church no longer to designate sexuality outside marriage as sinful.

According to the Antwerp Young Socialists, the view of KVHV is downright creepy. 'Back to the years quietly, where sexuality was not discussed and gays best remained in the closet. This is unworthy of a modern, inclusive and welcoming society unworthy. We did not know that the H is KVHV stood for 'homophobic,' 'says the Antwerp Young Socialists. 

The youth wing of the Socialist Party finds the judgments of the KVHV discriminatory and unacceptable and has filed a complaint with the Interfederal Equal Opportunity Centre. "The statements suggest that homosexuality and gay marriage are sinful. For us, it is beyond the bounds of what is acceptable. If this is the so-called Flemish elite, we are deeply concerned about the future. "

 Also on Twitter, several politicians have expressed their disgust. 


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